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Frequently Asked Questions

When receiving a treatment, why is it an irregular pulse pattern?

Some of the PEMF devices are designed to produce an irregular pattern so that the body does not have the ability to anticipate the next pulse. This prevents the body from resisting the muscle contractions and allows for relaxation.

After a PEMF treatment, is there any down-time?

Since PEMF in a drug-free, non-invasive alternative therapy, there is no down time! Some people enjoy having a treatment done before competition as it tends to relax the client and allows for improved overall performance.

Are there any contra-indications that I should be aware of when using a PEMF device?

Yes there are. A patient should NOT be treated if they are pregnant, have any implanted electronic devices (such as a pacemaker), or are having surgery within 36 hours of treatment. People that have recently have surgery should avoid high-level and high-intensity pulse therapy. Patients who have had knee of hip replacements or have fabricated metal parts are safe to be treated.

How often should a body part be treated to achieve long term results?

Everyone is different! This means that there is no set treatment protocol for anyone. Long-term chronic pain may take much longer to see results versus short-term pain, depending on the client. PEMF generally accelerates healing, but it depends on the severity of the injury as to how long it will take to heal. In most cases, pain relief and/or increased range of motion is usually immediate, although some issues may return in 24 hours, 2 days or in 2 weeks, again it depends on the client and treatement frequency!

Is PEMF safe?

Everyone wants to know if PEMF therapy is safe because of the negative effects that ‘electro-smog’ creates from other electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) in the environment. But you will be happy to know there are so many differences between the positive therapeutic EMFs that are produced from PEMF devices compared to harmful EMFs. The main difference between therapeutic and harmful EMFs is the wavelength, frequency as well as the exposure time. Harmful EMFs have higher frequencies as well as shorter wavelengths compared to therapeutic EMFs. The majority of PEMF systems that are used for therapeutic purposes produced extremely low frequencies to very low frequencies. The range for a therapeutic PEMF device has a frequency range of 1 Hz-50Hz which is what the earth’s natural magnetic field falls within as well. Comparing this to harmful EMFs such as a microwave, the frequency generated by this household appliance is approximately 100,000,000 Hz.