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About KPB

Kayleigh Pollowy

After starting to ride at the age of 6, Kayleigh spent most her childhood in barns-either riding or working with horses. Kayleigh started showing on the Quarter Horse circuit in the English classes and then moved on to do the all-around events with her show horse at the time “Shezabit Royal” AKA Holly.

Kayleigh has been given the opportunity to show some amazing horses over the years and has learned so much from each horse. Working in barns has allowed for Kayleigh to have a better understanding of these amazing animals.

Kayleigh also has a love for all animals (except birds and fish…Ick!) and has spent her entire life growing up with multiple four legged animals in the household. You can call Kayleigh the crazy cat lady as there are 4 running around her house currently.

Kayleigh decided to go to school for Business following High school. After graduating with a diploma in business from Georgian College, she knew that her education path was not yet finished. Kayleigh is now entering the third year of her B.Sc. Agr in Animal Science at the University of Guelph. This decision combines her love of animals as well as her business back ground, and provides a natural pairing to become an EquiPulse PEMF Practitioner.

After seeing PEMF technology in action in 2015 at the All American Quarter Horse Congress, and then again the following year, the natural process of combining Kayleigh’s love of horses, science and her business background has proven to be a great decision.