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Exceptions to be treated

KPB Pulse Therapy provides treatment for humans, small animals and equine clients.

Those who meet the following criteria should NOT be treated:

  • Have pacemakers or other implants that are electronically stimulated
  • Have open wounds (PEMF increases circulation to areas
    being treated and could cause the wound to bleed more)
  • Are on chemotherapy or blood thinners
  • Are pregnant
  • services overview


  • $100/45-minute full body treatment (excluding legs) for equine clients
  • $20/10 minutes for legs or additional treatment to specific areas needed
  • $20/10 minute treatment on small animals and people (20 minute minimum)
  • **Travel time costs may apply**


  • Are you wanting a treatment for yourself as well as your horse? Or were you wanting both your horse and dog to be treated? Or any of the above combinations?
  • Please inquire about options!

  • Specials

  • For those who will be looking to have several treatments for their four-legged loved one, or for themselves, inquire about special pricing for package deals.

  • Disclaimer

    Before KPB Visits

    For Human Patients:

    Please remove the following: cell phones, electronic watches, credit cards and chains. Please make sure car keys that contain intelligent chips are far away!

    For Equine Patients:

    PEMF increases cell permeability, so toxic agents are able to penetrate into the system much deeper then they are intended to. So please avoid the following: Fly Sprays, Liniments, Toxic Agents


    DMSO is okay and actually works well with EquiPulse because it is already penetrated into the cell. Antibiotics are okay because EquiPulse aids in cellular mobility as well as increases antibiotic performance.