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KPB Pulse Therapy Compared to Other Therapies

KPB Pulse Therapy versus magnetic products?

These PEMF therapies have similarities, but the difference is the delivery of each method as well as the ability to produce the required power to a specific area on the body. Traditional magnetic blankets and boots produce a low level, constant magnetic energy that may not provide enough energy for denser parts of the body or allow for full penetration of deeper injuries. The term Gauss is how a PEMF field is measures, this is the actual strength of the field and how far the field exudes from its source. Cells within the body need between 20-30 Gauss for cellular repair to begin. More powerful Gauss levels (closer to 100) that are not within traditional magnetic therapies, will create the ideal healing environment as well as penetrate into the denser areas further away from the delivery loop. The primary differences between these therapies are:

  • EquiPulse PEMF device allows for a trained PEMF Practitioner to be able to identify areas that are sore, traumatized areas or injured areas due to the way the area will twitch and contract in a definitive manner.
  • EquiPulse PEMF devices are adjustable in both their power and frequency. This allows for a PEMF Practitioner to adjust the strength depending on what area of the body is being treated, providing the ideal penetration for immediate results.
  • EquiPulse delivery loops and accessories allow for a much more specific and accurate treatment to the desired part of the body. This allows or a better overall treatment for areas such as the hood, neck, pole, hamstrings, inner stifle and also allows for a PEMF Practitioner to use accessories to stimulate acupressure points.
  • KPB Pulse Therapy versus Laser Treatments?

    The similarity between these modalities is that they both provide increased energy to the area being targeted, but the differences are as followed:

  • PEMF technology travels up to 16 inches within the body, whereas with laser therapy, it only travels up to 2 inches unless the power is increased. You would then run the risk of damaging the surface cells when the power is increased with laser therapy.
  • A trained PEMF Practitioner is able to detect areas where a horse might be injured based on a specific contraction or twitch. With laser therapy, there is not a definitive way to tell what areas need treatment and will only provide benefits to the exact area being treated.
  • The overall area that PEMF delivery loops reach is a much larger area then when using Laser Therapy. The actual area being treated with Laser Therapy is a very small in comparison to an EquiPulse delivery loop.
  • For an whole body treatment using PEMF technology, it takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Since Laser Therapy treats such a small area, it would take an extremely long time to treat large areas on an animal.
  • KPB Pulse Therapy versus Shockwave?

  • EquiPulse PEMF allows for a trained practitioner to be able to detect soreness based on the areas that twitch and pulse. Shockwave does not provide this ability to detect soreness, it only allows for specific points to be treated.
  • PEMF is able to be used on the entire body, whereas Shockwave is only able to be used on areas such as the back as well as legs.
  • PEMF is non-invasive and requires no sedation. Whoever the practitioner is treating, whether it be a horse or person, they quite enjoy the treatment and will relax quite quickly. Shockwave does require sedation as it can be quite invasive and painful as it creates energy through high-impact acoustic waves and concussion.
  • PEMF is able to penetrate 16 inches into the body whereas Shockwave has a total penetration of approximately 4 inches.
  • Due to the potential damage and required sedation, Shockwave must be performed by a licensed Veterinarian.